Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Introducing Room 12's All Group

Writing ideas for the holidays...

Wondering what you could do in the holidays? How about you enter yourself into the Young Authors Challenge for 2017. What a great way to practice your writing at home!

For more information, click on the link below.


Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Setting Our New Writing Goals

Goal Setting: Today we had the opportunity to set new goals for our writing. Here are a few students sharing their goals with us. It is really great to see and hear these students taking ownership of their learning.

Introducing... Room 14's ALL Writing Group

Introducing... Room 14's ALL Writing Group!

Here are our Writing Pathways displayed in our classroom, we learnt lots about our students likes/dislikes & what we would all like to focus on. Our special focus for our ALL Group will be on spelling and making sure our reader understands what we have written. 

Here are some examples of activities/fun games we have to help us with our spelling. We are focusing on word endings, digraphs and high frequency words.


Monday, 20 March 2017

Room 13's Awesome ALL Writing Group

Here are the seven students selected to be part of our ALL writing intervention this year. These students are motivated and ready to learn. During the last few weeks, we have been working on creating a learning pathway. This will help and guide our learning so that we can see how we are tracking and what our next step are.

Our pathways are also on display in the class and we regularly reflect on our learning. 

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Introducing Room 11's ALL Writing Group

'In real life' author's usually get to choose what they write about - that's what makes writing exciting! Part of being in the ALL group means that we get to have even more of a say about the topics we write about.

Room 11's ALL group have been working really hard on their Writing Pathways. One section of the Writing Pathway tells Miss Chalmers about topics the group would like to write about. We also completed a survey using Google Forms to give Miss Chalmers some information about our feelings around writing.

We found out that Room 11's ALL writing group want to write about: 
  • Sports 
  • Scary and Creepy Stuff 
  • Facts about Animals 
  • Princess and Princes 
  • Our family 
  • Our cultures 
  • Space 
  • Kung Fu 
  • Puppies 
  • Letters to people we know 
We won't be limited to these topics, but it gives Miss Chalmers a good idea about where to start!

You can view the videos of our ALL students reading their pathways below:

Monday, 6 March 2017

On Monday afternoon, parents of ALL students met with the teachers and were introduced to the intervention.  To begin with, Miss Pulman gave parents an overview and then the Kiwi team students worked with her, while the Pukeko team students worked with Mrs van Zyl.  In these sessions, the parents saw how the teachers use games to encourage knowledge of sounds and spelling patterns and were introduced to some basic teaching strategies in writing.  The children then received their 'treasure bags' with writing equipment that will encourage and help them to write at home.  It was wonderful to see parents attending and working with the teachers to understand how the ALL intervention works.  We are committed to helping our students progress and achieve in Writing.  Through this intervention, students receive in-depth, consistent and highly effective teaching.  We look forward to seeing their writing as they progress through this intervention and we encourage parents to support their children in their efforts.